Distress Alert Equipment

Vehicle emergency, Elderly, Kids.

Knowing the real-time location of your loved ones can provide comfort and even save lives in emergencies. A GNSS tracker can be a reliable solution to keep an eye on children, elderly relatives, and pets. These trackers are discreet and work in conjunction with a smartphone or computer, enabling you to track your family members’ location at any given time.

GNSS trackers work in various ways. Some use satellites to pinpoint your location from your transmitting receiver, while others rely on cellular technology and cell towers to track your location. Each system requires a service fee or a cellular SIM card for monitoring.

The Eclipse Personal GNSS locator is an excellent tracker that can be worn on a belt, placed in a pocket, or bag. It’s easy to activate and use and works with your smartphone. Download the app, activate the locator, and you can start tracking. You can even track multiple devices with this tracker. The Eclipse is also waterproof and can be used anywhere in the world. The generated map is highly accurate, allowing you to locate your loved one quickly. The battery life can last weeks or even months without needing to be recharged.