Internet Of Medical Things Solutions

Smart devices that enable a better patient care and new efficiencies in healthcare system

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is poised to transform how we keep people safe and healthy especially as the demand for lower healthcare costs. The IoMT can help monitor, inform and notify not only care-givers, but provide healthcare providers with actual data to identify issues before they become critical.

The Internet of Medical Things refers to the connected system of medical devices and applications that sense vital data in real time that is then provided to healthcare IT systems through online computer networks.

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) enables machine to machine interaction and real-time intervention solutions that have the potential to radically transform healthcare as we know it, improving delivery, affordability and reliability soon.

Now that most consumer mobile devices are equipped Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication they can communicate with IT systems

IoMT will promote personalized care and higher standards of care and living through individual data-driven treatment regimens as well as optimized devices tailored to individual physiological requirements. IoMT devices have been conceptualized in various forms of smart wearable devices, home-use medical devices, point-of-care kits, and mobile healthcare applications, and are able to communicate with medical experts in remote locations. Apart from their utility in managing regular health statuses, they have also been used for disease prevention, fitness promotion, and remote intervention in emergency situations.