The Company

NaimTech was founded in 2008 by experienced individuals that have an excellent proven background in developing advanced Electronic Tracking Systems and is currently creating the future in GPS & Wireless Tracking Solutions. As a next generation developer and supplier, we are making our advanced electronic tracking system by using the newest technology in the market. The systems are built according to rugged characteristics following the requirements of our customers. We are committed to Excellency in our products’ quality and offer quick and cooperative development process. Our engineers can apply in-depth hardware and software system knowledge to create innovative products that will boost your market position.

The Special Values

Giving solution for small and narrow cases. Providing classified units with a high level of data Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Creating the needed power for portable and wireless solutions using the most advanced technologies. Designing units with multiple RF communication transceivers (Cellular, Sub 1Ghz, BLE) with very high efficiency.

The IoT Designs

We design and create the physical connection of Things to the Internet. Power Supply: Solar, Wireless, Battery, Generator Communication: Satellite, Cellular (Low power LTE), LoRa, SigFox, Sub 1Ghz, BLE and more.

Regulations and Certifications

We will do all the needed regulatory tests that your product requires like CE,FCC,PTCRB,AT&T, SAR and provide you with the needed certifications.

Meet Out Costumers